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EducationUSA Academy student Andres from Colombia participates in a time management exercise with classmate Bruno from Brazil. Photo by Sonya Doctorian July 16, 2016

The EducationUSA Academy at the University of Colorado Boulder is designed for 15-17 year old students who have intermediate to advanced levels of English language proficiency. The program focuses on:

  • English language instruction
  • Academic culture and the US higher education system
  • The university admissions process (applications, essays, required tests, scholarship opportunities, and interviews)
  • Engineering, entrepreneurship, psychology, and intercultural communication

The program includes instruction, materials, and activities that promote students’ professional development. The program also provides opportunities for students to interact with native speakers of English, including peer groups on campus.

The program includes 4 core courses, which meet a total of 20 hours per week:

Academic English Skills (6 hours per week)

In this course, students improve their academic skills for effective participation in US universities. Students build their English language fluency, accuracy, and confidence through individual and team projects incorporating university-level texts and lectures, short presentations, informal and formal writing assignments, and discussions.

Test Preparation (6 hours per week)

This course is designed to help students intending to take the TOEFL iBT, IELTS, SAT, and ACT exams. Students develop their fluency, accuracy, and confidence as they review testing formats and scoring, practice a variety of question types, and learn effective test-taking strategies. Students take sections of actual exams.

University Preparation Workshop (4 hours per week)

This course is designed for students to gain understanding and insight about the US higher education system and academic culture. Through lectures, discussions, hands-on activities, and field experiences, students learn how to choose a major, apply to universities, find scholarships, get involved in student clubs, and explore careers.

US Culture and Contemporary Issues (4 hours per week)

In this course, students develop a deeper understanding of US culture and contemporary issues. The topics of this course include free speech, diversity in society, climate change and public policy, entrepreneurism, STEM, and US government.  Experiential learning activities and team projects prepare students for university study.

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